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THIKEDAAR.COM – India’s first construction company with an online platform for all its services


Patna, Bihar [India] : Thikedaar.com started a revolution by bringing real-time Construction cost estimation and updates to the construction and made it easy and convenient for every person to build their dream homes – just by sitting at home.

Every person has a dream to own a house in his life. Big or small, doesn’t matter but everyone wants their house to be strong so that they can pass it to their children and grandchildren as a legacy. But nowadays this dream seems very difficult. It has many hurdles to get into reality as the Indian construction industry is full of inept contractors. Because of them, there is a lack of transparency in construction besides with substandard quality of materials and construction delay.

Affordable housing is at the heart of building inclusive cities. India’s ambitious ‘Housing for All’ project aims at providing a home to every poor urban household by 2022. More than 90% of the housing shortage in urban India is faced by economically weaker sections and low-income groups, according to government data. At the same time, 7.5 lakhs apartments remain unsold across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, the National Capital Region, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, indicating the high demand-supply mismatch. While demand is mostly in the affordable housing segment, the supply is high in the higher-price segments. Also, McKinsey in 2014 estimated that 33% of existing houses in India are of substandard quality.

To revolutionize this kinda construction, Ar. Sujeet Kumar Mishra came up with this innovative start-up Thikedaar.com. This start-up came up with a comprehensive web platform that will change the whole construction process. This online portal allows customers to make a house in a very easy and convenient way with just a few clicks.

“All that customer has to do is to select the materials from a wide range of materials as per their budget and taste. With the selection of materials, the real-time cost will be generated. The pricing is based on per square feet. This user-friendly technique conveys that its customer who should decide the materials as per their budget. We are no one to decide package or budget for them as everyone has their limitations and we understand that,” says Ar. Sujeet Kr. Mishra.

The team then goes about managing the construction of the house from raw materials to finished products and it is guaranteed that no extra charges are on customers’ pockets. The whole construction is done at that price only on which the client has agreed through the website.


Statistics from CREDAI show that more than 90 percent of projects face unfair pricing, zero smart technology, lack of labor safety measures, delays, no transparency, uncertified experts as consultants, shortage of materials and debris disposal ground, builder withdrawals, irregular updates, and a lack of official approval knowledge.

These all sum up together to make the construction industry a trust – deficit industry which in turn causes many consequences in the society. Hence, to make the society free from such consequences, Ar. Sujeet came up with Thikedaar.com which has a system of the end – to – end management & ownership of the project on behalf of the customer.

Construction and stability should always complement each other. For this, it requires skilled contractors who value time, quality, and service. According to data, nowadays people are very afraid of contactors as they commit a lot at the time of agreement but the reality is different. To bridge this gap, the start-up consists of only skilled and experienced engineers, architects, designers, managers, and workers; thoroughly vetted by company experts.

“Effectiveness and efficiency are two words which are very important while construction. To achieve these, Thikedaar.com came up with real-time updates that will be sent directly to customers every morning and evening. This makes customers free from running behind the contractor for every minute information and details. We want to ensure their customer that construction will be carried out smoothly even if they are far away from the site,” says Ar. Mishra.

Here at Thikedaar.com, the project is divided into dedicated milestones to make it easier for the company to keep a check on all parameters for the client. Milestones also ensure that the work is done stringently with on-time payments. This helps the customer to build their house without taking a loan from anyone and keep them away from any kind of debt tension.

“According to data, most of the people in India go for unplanned structure as they have trust issues with a contractor as well as architects. And at last, they for local contractors who don’t have enough knowledge to provide a good design for their house. An unplanned structure leads to unplanned urbanization which directly or indirectly influences many other elements in society. To optimize this, we at Thikedaar.com provides free design to every client,” says Ar. Sujeet

Furthermore, Thikedaar.com also provides free life-time services to their customers. Old customers can contact the company whenever they want. They believe in making strong relationships.


The revolutionary who brought this change to the construction industry is Ar. Sujeet Kumar Mishra, an architecture graduate of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. A very experienced Architect, trained under many scholars and experts. He has worked in both rural and urban areas which brought him a comprehensive knowledge of construction. His idea was supported by Ar. Jenie Singh eventually ends up being her as the Co-founder. She is an Alumni of the Birla Institute of Technology Mesra& National Institute of Technology Durgapur, which brings a lot of value in the marketing & communication dept.


“India is on the stage of infra boom with construction industry’s 9% share in GDP. According to Govt. of India, the construction industry is expected to grow on average by 7.1 % each year and will emerge as the third-largest sector globally by 2025. Furthermore, according to IBEF, the real estate industry is worth 200 billion dollars”, said Ar.Sujeet.

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