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Stock Pro Chief Mentor Dr. Seema Jain explains 3 ways to learn the stock market trading for beginners

Dr. Seema Jain, a pioneer in the financial markets and a hard-core educationist, trainer, and life coach is among the few women who are SEBI registered research analysts in the stock market.

“Being the founder and chief mentor of StockPro, and having experience of more than 15 years in the stock market, I love to teach people about the stock market. There are many ways beginners can learn to trade in the stock market, but one must know three key things: “knowledge,” experience gained through practice by applying knowledge through testing out your skill in the markets and lastly, discipline”, said Dr. Seema.

The IIT’an added that “perseverance is also necessary to accumulate and preserve wealth.”

She further explained the three ways beginners can learn the stock market:

The first way of learning about the stock market is by “following the experts and mentors,” visualizing how it will impact you in real-time & then applying the knowledge gained through observing or listening to experts in the financial markets.

For example, some stocks suggested by Dr. Seema Jain – ATGL (buy recommended at 390), AAVAS Finance (buy recommended at 650), EMAMI PAPER, TATA ELXSI ( buy recommended at 1900) are some of the recent multibagger stocks which have given huge returns over the period.

As a life coach, Dr. Seema’s advice is to be “disciplined & dedicated to learning” and never give up.

The second way of learning the stock market is by “reading books related to the stock market,” books can provide fundamental knowledge regarding the stock market and the technical indicators used in technical analysis of securities.”

And the third way is to “practice before you put in the real money.” There are a lot of virtual trading platforms on the web. The difference between the beginners who earn money and the ones who lose money is that the former focuses on practice, while the latter does not.

“When you know how to read a chart & start applying your knowledge of technical analysis in charts, then it is easy to make money trading in the stock market.”

Dr. Jain believes that the Indian stock market has a long way to go, as she feels some sectors like financial markets (insurance) need reforms for the growth of the country on the economic front along with more reforms for the benefits of farmers.

Putting stress on learning before trading, Dr. Jain said, “It is essential to learn about stock market trading and how it impacts our economy & society as a whole. One should be very careful while investing in the stock market because it comprises your money, which you have worked hard for.”

Being an experienced mentor in the stock market, she concluded by saying, “Life begins at 40, and a successful person can learn everything if they are willing to learn”. Dr. Seema Jain has always been an inspiration for many to start investing in the stock market. She has constantly given multibagger stocks, which have given huge returns while saving tax through tax-saving mutual funds across different fund houses like ICICI Prudential, HDFC Mutual Fund, etc.

New stock marketers have a lot to learn from Dr. Seema Jain, who has constantly given multibagger stocks. Nearly 100% of her recommendations have given huge returns over the period.

What’s her secret? Well, there is no such dark secret. The thing is that since the beginning of her journey in the stock market, she has regularly updated herself with the happenings in financial markets and learned from her mistakes. She also follows a strict discipline of investing as per market cues, making it easier for her to perform technical analysis and predict the price movement of securities.

When you know how to read a chart and start applying your knowledge of technical analysis in charts, it is easy to make money trading in the stock market. It requires an initial learning curve, but once the process becomes a habit, then one can look at making profits through investments very quickly.

“If you know how to read a chart and start applying your knowledge of technical analysis in charts, then it is easy to make money trading in the stock market.”

While talking about patience, she said, “Do not invest if you don’t have patience.” Along with knowledge, it is very important to have patience while investing in the stock market.

Dr. Seema Jain believes that a great investor is made, not born & you have to be very systematic and dedicated to investing. Investing requires a lot of work, but it is the most beautiful feeling when you see your money growing.

Dr. Seema can be reached at her Telegram channel StockPro Official, for all kinds of stock market knowledge. Especially for stock market beginners, Seema Jain can be a brilliant mentor to follow.

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