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Mr. Sameep Shastri- Vice Chairman BRICS CCI attends Independence Day Celebration

Ajmer (Rajasthan) [India], August 18, 2023: The 76th Independence Day was celebrated with fervor and joy at Presidency School, Ajmer, on August 15, 2023. The event, themed “Udaan” – “Empower Yourself – Empower India,” captivated attendees with its inspiring message of individual empowerment contributing to the nation’s progress.

Shri Sameep Shastri Ji, a symbol of youth dynamism and an advocate for sustainable growth intertwined with youth empowerment, graced the occasion as a distinguished guest and the Keynote Speaker. Shri Shastri Ji, a renowned youth icon and institution builder, has been instrumental in promoting the connection between a thriving future and the potential of our youth.

In an atmosphere charged with patriotic zeal and national pride, the esteemed chief guest, Shri Sameep Shastri Ji and The Director of Presidency School, Mr. Garvit Singhvi, hoisted the national flag. The sight of the national flag fluttering in the wind against the backdrop of the clear sky evoked a sense of unity among the attendees. It was a shared moment of pride and reflection, reminding everyone present of the nation’s journey and the responsibility that comes with freedom. The event proceeded with various cultural events seamlessly put together by the students, teachers, and staff.

In his Keynote Address, Shri Shashtri Ji expressed his admiration for the presentations put forth by the students, commending their efforts in showcasing the theme’s essence. During an interactive session, he spoke at length about how we can empower ourselves in our day-to-day lives and make a difference to people around us in a positive way.

Shri Sameep Shashtri Ji also shared captivating anecdotes from his own student days and recounted personal stories of his grandfather, the esteemed Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji, former Prime Minister of India. His insights resonated deeply with the audience, emphasizing the significance of every individual’s role in India’s progress.

The interactive session became a highlight of the event, captivating students from various schools who were invited to participate. They had the privilege to engage directly with Shri Shashtri Ji, posing questions and receiving insightful and inspiring answers.

The celebration of the 76th Independence Day at Presidency School, Ajmer, marked a remarkable convergence of patriotism, empowerment, and inspiration. The event underscored the importance of youth empowerment as a catalyst for national progress and was a fitting tribute to the nation’s spirit of independence.

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