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How Rudraksh Group Prepares For Visa Application Process

The Visa application process is the sole biggest hurdle that everyone faces during migrating abroad. It is mandatory to ascertain the purpose of the visit of an individual to a new country, meanwhile establishing his financial credibility and resources. Rudraksh Immigration Group is a renowned overseas consultancy in Mohali that deals with this scenario since the past 28 years.

The ambition of students and the potential workforce continues to grow stronger with each passing year despite the temporary pandemic. Hence, it is a great idea to consult professionals before applying for a visa. 

Collecting Documents

The first and foremost step for migrating abroad, even if it is for a brief amount of time, is ensuring robust paperwork. The documents range from birth certificates, school certificates, academic qualifications, filled out visa application form, experience certificates, statement of purpose (SOP), letter of recommendation (LOR), language certificates, letter of acceptance from a university of the destination country, financial records and account statements, additional certificates depending on the individual. 

Note that these are only a few mentioned here and not all of these might be necessary for everyone. On the flip side, depending on your purpose of visit and the personal situation there might be additional documents required by the embassy too. 

Collecting such a vast amount of documents could be a pain along with ensuring that you know which documents are required beforehand, is not always possible. Hence, it is a great idea to hand over this process to someone professional like Rudraksh Immigration Mohali. They have been involved in this process for 28 years and have performed the same tasks thousands of times. Hence, the chances of them making a rookie mistake are almost non-existent.

Visa Interview Preparation

The next most dreaded element of this process is the visa interview. Many people get rejected not because there were errors in the submitted documents but because they had trouble during the interview. People become so under-confident that they end up saying something totally unnecessary in the interview. But if you go through a consultancy, the experienced staff will prepare you for the interview well. 

They have been doing this for so many years, they are aware of what type of questions will be asked in a visainterview. With mock interview preparation, they allow the applicants to experience a simulated version of the real interview. This helps when the applicant goes in for the real interview because he/she feels at home and the element of the ‘fear of the unknown’ is not there. The familiar environment and line of questioning help the applicant to answer the questions of the interviewee much more confidently. This turns out to be the deciding difference between your visa being accepted or rejected. 

Mental Support

One has to understand that the foreign migration process takes a long time and could be tedious for a whole bunch of people. There are many occasions where the student could feel stressed out or even dejected. The duration and the importance of the process could take a toll on the health of the students. But if you have a professional overseas consultant by your side, they would ensure that you stay motivated. Also, they take out the fear of rejection from you because they are sure that all the aspects of the process have been taken care of already. 

Also, if anything goes wrong, you have to comfort net of the experienced professionals who have the capability of quickly regrouping and rectifying the mistakes to apply again. Hence, a big part of responsibility and stress is transferred from you to the consultancy. These are some of the benefits of applying for a visa through consultancies. 

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