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Vaishaly Sethi – A Psychologist, Trainer and Spiritual Lightworker

Your Profile seems Interesting and Diverse. Why Education?

I didn’t really plan it, whatever life offered in the moment I took it up and tried to do my best. In hindsight, if I look at it, I don’t think it could have been anything other than Education. I have loved studying and books since childhood. I was one of those kids where the Mother had to say please leave your books and play something.

How did the journey start in the Education Sector?

It started with XSEED, an amazing group of people from Harvard, who had built a Curriculum based on Multiple Intelligence theory, which was one of my most favorite amongst hundreds of them that we had to mug up in our Psychology Education. This was a revolutionary idea where we were training teachers how to become facilitators and include all children and not just the front benchers, we were making classrooms engaging and interactive through hands on activities, role plays etc.

What has been the best part of your journey with Education?

Over these last 10 years working with teachers, students and parents across India, I have most enjoyed my time in Rural India, the people here are so pure and open to Learn. It is mind-blowing to see teachers taking classrooms in ghoonghat and applying these new-age techniques, seeing the first generation learners talking on stage with confidence. The parents coming to schools and attending sessions to help their children and participate in various projects.

And how did you get into spirituality?

I have been spiritual since childhood, I didn’t understand or agree with religion much but always loved to light lamp and Incense in the evening and listen to Aarti. The Formal journey began with Padmashree Dr. Niru Kumar in 2010, I learnt Reiki upto the masters level, and other courses like Angel Therapy, Tarot Reading, Hypnotherapy. Post that got busy with building corporate career until the first lockdown – I was in Hyderabad locked in the house, disturbed and frustrated with so much negativity around. I really wanted to do something to feel better myself and I saw my Osho Zen Tarot Cards staring at me from the bookshelf, I picked them up made some random video and posted on Facebook, and I was bombarded with messages to get readings done and since then there has been no looking back. I have been doing private sessions and group workshops creating awareness on Self- Healing, Self- Love, Mindfulness etc.

How do you wish to take this forward?

I really wish to help people (Myself Included) to transform and truly believe that anything is possible. There is no limit, the Universe has unlimited resources, we just need to learn how to attract what we want. I envision a New world where every human being feels empowered and has the tools to break all barriers and live up to their 100% potential.

What are these tools?

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Journaling, Affirmations, Hypnosis, Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Spiritual Practices like Kriya and many more.

These tools have been present for ages, but in our race towards building our outside world, we have forgotten to work on the inside. However, with so many Mental and other health issues, it’s the need of the hour to work on the Mind, Body and Soul. It gives me a lot of hope seeing that more and more people are talking about it. Talking is definitely the first step towards Change.

Future Plans?

Honestly, I’m consciously trying to stop thinking about the future and focus on making each moment beautiful. This book the POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle has changed my perspective to look at life, vaise karan johar ne Kal ho na ho se bhi koshish kari thi par hum bhool gaye hahaha.

In the present I wish to continue helping schools along with helping people through their Inner Journey with the help of coaching sessions and workshops. I’am also in the process of developing a Mind, Body, Soul curriculum for schools where I wish to take Meditation, Gratitude and other Inner Work Practices to children, so that they have access to these tools from an early age and build a better world for themselves filled with only Love and Light.

How can people reach you?

Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/divineguidance2020/

Email at: sethiv1989@gmail.com

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