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Lakhani Financial Services is a one-stop solution for startups to raise funds from Angel Investors


Mumbai: Startups are the buzzword of the town. Especially in today’s time, when jobs are demanding, appraisals are difficult; people are getting bored of their day to day life and are always on the lookout to start a business or a startup. As a result, multiple people are starting their own ventures. 

However, there are two critical things which are needed before starting a new venture:

1) Correct guidance on running the venture and,

2) Raising funds to scale the startup. 

Founder generally gets stuck at these two points, if not permanently, at least temporarily. This is where Mumbai based boutique Investment advisory and Investment banking firm Lakhani Financial Services (LFS) comes into the picture.

LFS is run by a Chartered Accountant Devansh Lakhani who specialises in helping startups raise funds from his network of investors. He believes that today many startups want to raise funds and grow their business. But, at the same time are not correctly guided and advised as to how to go about it. LFS has become a pioneer in this field. It not only helps startups connect with investors but also helps them become investor-ready.

Devansh firmly believes that if a startup is adequately guided to grow the business strategically, then the desperation to raise funds will not happen. With the correct business strategies, the company will be in a strong position to grow organically. Devansh said ” Even though we are in the business of helping startups raise funds, we first ask the founder as to is it required to raise capital from outside investors? To which they generally say – Yes. Then we go into complete details by sitting down with the founder to prepare the business plan. 

This helps to gauge whether funds are required and if yes then how much. We help startups to prepare this business plan in an efficient manner backed with proper logic, reason and rationale.”

LFS is one of the very few advisory firms which focus solely on startups and helps them grow by mentoring them with business strategies, social media marketing strategies, and sales strategies. It also extends helping in fundraising. Their core expertise in the field of startups has made them the go-to advisory house to raise funds for and scale up startups. 

During Covid, the firm has successfully helped 2 startups raise funds from Angel Investors, and has helped over and above the 30 + startups to decide their business plans and strategies. He said, ” My vision is to touch 1 Million lives by providing them with business strategies, fundraising, mentoring, scale-up strategies and financial independence.” 

This Mumbai based advisory firm also has something lined up their sleeves for the lakhs of startups and solopreneurs to prepare them for fundraising and business plan preparation which would enhance the startups’ position to raise funds from Investors via LFS.

For more information https://www.lakhanifinserv.com/startups

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