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  • Two sisters on a venture to create their own offline world of art.

  • If you are interested in buying paintings, you know where to go!!

New Delhi (INDIA) : The artist, Riya Jhamb did her schooling  from Ashok Hall girl’s residential school in Majkhali Ranikhet and completed her graduation from Atma Ram Sanatan Dharam College, Delhi University (Ba Pol Sc).

Riya was always inclined towards art, used to get fascinated by the art around her in school, so she thought of doing something that would relieve stress, she has been creating ever since.

She majorly use oil paints on canvas because they don’t dry easily which allows her to correct any mistake made, canvas is a more feasible base for her as it doesn’t tear as easily as paper is while correcting mistakes, it hence motivates her to correct and move on. There is always a connection between her artwork and its message. She tries to express her innerself through her artwork so that it reaches out to people and they take out some time from their life to think about her art.


The artist wants to reach as many people as she can through her art and wants them to see her personality through her artwork.

Her favorite element would be textures because she feels like they bring life-like effects to the creation.


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Her family has been her biggest supporter since day one, they have always encouraged her to go on and keep trying. Her sister, Supriya Jhamb has supported her to create the platform that she has today and manages the business end of FLAIRBASH. Her friends too have been a constant support in the growth of her career.


A professor once said, “The best part about this venture has been your self-taught skill which has allowed you to explore multiple forms and mediums”, this, for her has been the most memorable feedback and she has never felt more proud before.

The artwork which she cherishes the most is “Wandering In The Woods”, she feels like it potrays her in another world without actually having to go anywhere.

Flairbash works with NGO’S.

The primary reason for wanting to work with an NGO is to support a worthy cause in any way that we can, in their recent alliance with Friendicoes (SECA) they tried to provide their support and care to stray dogs by donating a part of their proceeds.

The artist and her sister really likes putting up my their own art exhibitions, they would love to continue doing this along with something more stable side by side. The artist’s success mantra is that one should follow what truly makes one happy to fuel the motivation to work hard. One should not forget that god is watching, and that they do not need anyone’s approval over god.

Follow on Instagram – https://instagram.com/flairbash_?igshid=e66kdpf057vv

For more details contact : Ph.No -8700090687 or Email : – flairbash@gmail.com

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